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Does God Exist?

The majority of my youth was spent as a non-believer; a skeptic, as they say.  Some people, when asked about how they came to know God say, “I grew up in the church.”  Well, I grew up “church-adjacent.”  My family would go to a church for a while, not go at all for a while, then try another church for a while, and the cycle would repeat.  The first church I attended semi-regularly, for an extended period, was the one my best friend and his family attended.  Even then I don’t know that I would have been considered a believer, and I definitely wasn’t saved.

I went to college looking for much more than a degree; I wanted to find answers!  I took classes on world religions and philosophy and ancient history.  I studied various theological texts and meditated on the things weighing on my heart; but I kept coming up with the same nagging thoughts and feelings - PRIMARILY: how can I logically and rationally understand what came before the beginning?

Secularists talk about the big bang, many Eastern religions talk about the concept of the original ancestor, but were either of these “logical?”  If the big bang is the source of all matter and life in existence...what is the source of the big bang?  If the original ancestor is the one from which we all descended...from whence did the original ancestor descend?

A professor of science is instructing a young person on the origin of life. The professor says, “you see, at first there were these two sets of ‘stuff’...opposing in quality such that when they come into contact with one another they cancel the other out!  One of these ‘stuffs’ started out with slightly more than the other, so when the opposing substance was all cancelled-out - there was still some of it left!  And that is all that is in existence and we call that ‘matter.’”  The student, maybe a bit more than slightly, confused asks, “what was the other stuff called?”  The professor responds, “oh, it doesn’t matter.”

These scenarios also remind me of something I heard Ravi Zacharias say in a talk I listened to of his.  I’m paraphrasing, here...but he said something to the effect of, “Nothing in existence serves as the justification of itself.  The chicken which hatched from no egg makes precisely as much sense as the egg which was laid by no chicken.  The apple tree which produces the apple grew from a seed which came from the very apple it must produce.” 

What Mr. Zacharias was getting at is, in reality, the only logical explanation for how life began: God - outside of the realm in which we reside.  As he says, “an un-caused first cause.”  What created creation?  What started time?  From where did the origin originate? What came first; the chicken or the egg?  The answer to all of these, and more, is - God.  He is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6).  Any attempts to make sense of these concepts which exclude Him are only self-righteous attempts to aggrandize ourselves, while simultaneously proving the very thing we might seek to overcome - the simple fact that “We. Need. Him.”

It took me many years of self-torment, misery, and agony to realize this truth.  I wasn’t lonely because I couldn’t find the right woman, or enough friends, or I was away from my was because I was away from my Heavenly Father.  My soul knew what my mind could not accept and it was tearing me apart from within.  Don’t make the same mistakes I have...meditate, pray, read the scriptures for yourself.  God loves you and wants to clutch you to His unchanging, everlasting bosom.  If you have not before, or just feel like reaffirming your relationship with Him, please take a moment and ask Jesus to come into your heart and give you relief from the turmoil of this wicked, temporary world. 

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