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God Will Make Your Hardships Float

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God causes all things to work for good to those who love Him (Romans). Why is this so easily forgotten when the slightest bump in the road comes up? It’s our faith. Well...that and self-centeredness. We assume that if everything doesn’t go “just-so” that God must have forgotten about us, or that He doesn’t actually care. We lack the foresight to see the purpose behind what’s happening, the patience to wait and see, and the faith (or trust) to keep loving Him until He brings it back around.

I can recall several times in the infancy of my faith where I thought things like, “Oooooh! God loves me no matter what?!? This is great!” Then at the first sign of difficulty I would shake my fist and thumb my nose at the heavens. My spiritual immaturity, coupled with my lack of faith, hindered my being able to see the beauty of His plan.

Looking back...every hardship I have ever gone through has prepared me for something that happens next. Several years ago a dear, dear friend of mine, Colin, was killed in a car accident. Colin was a good man, a great father, a loving husband, and a terrific hiking my eyes; a much better person than myself. I was so angry at how unfair it seemed that he was taken away while I was given the chance to keep living. The struggles and pain I went through in the aftermath of Colin’s death, however, helped me to provide comfort to people who have gone through similar ordeals. That time also served as a bit of an awakening: I was not prepared to go home, and he was.

This is but one example of God’s use of tragic circumstances for the overall good of those who seek and love Him. I would like to challenge anyone reading this to contemplate some of your tough times and try to view it from God’s’s a tall-order, I know...but try to see how that patch may have prepared you for something else that came later.

In closing, I would also like to remind you...dear run to Him. Run to Him no matter what might be going on in your life. Trust that He is working it for your good. Don’t do it because you owe Him a debt; I DO, but there’s no way you can repay it anyways. Run to Him because He loves you, without fail. Even when you are wading through a river of filth with no shore in-sight...know that He is the one who put the river before you, He is on that other bank waiting for you, His embrace will warm your chill, dry your tears, provide peace for whatever ails you, and make you that much stronger for what you just endured...faithfully.

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